Philosophy & Methodology


We follow a simple philosophy “we seek to first understand” which is underpinned by a customer centric mindset combined with our global expertise of over two decades and know how in order to transform clients businesses via a strategic marketing process.

Our core strengths are in developing suitable strategies for our clients’ businesses, operating from their customers’ mindset, to ensure all marketing and communications brand and digital approach will deliver on the overall strategy and direction for the business.

We excel in bringing these strategies and tools to market; implementing them both internally and externally across a wide variety of industries.

Given our long term approach, we continue to collaborate with our clients on an ongoing basis, in order to ensure that their investments made in marketing and future technologies are developed in line with current customer insights and overall business strategies.

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We  have signed up to the movement to help companies, brands and individuals find their why, to ensure future generations love what they do every single day!

Through many years of experience helping companies to discern their unique selling proposition, their brand positioning and marketing strategy – helping to craft the WHY is a natural next step. We follow the methodologies of Simon Sinek and his colleagues David, and Peter delivered with our own unique twist.

Over the years, we have been privileged to work with and support many inspirational leaders and organisations across the globe.  Our success and reputation is built on our ability to support businesses to uncover their true distinct attributes and then create strategic marketing approach to provide customer engagement and brand communications that increase growth and revenue.

Our process follows a simple philosophy “we seek to first understand” which is underpinned by a customer centric mindset. Success is achieved for our clients through our method and framework which has been forged and combined with global expertise.

For over two decades we have applied and adapted our knowledge and experience working with some of the worlds best brands and businesses, inspirational leaders and organisations across a variety of industries. We have interviewed, showcased and supported world leaders in strategy, innovation and creative thinking – adding to our own teams experience which has lead us to developing an integrated process that culminated into global best practice.

This framework we deliver to our customers, is coined the MEASURE!

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    We seek to understand first through out our discovery phase, starting with the business, “how” the business will make a difference to the industry and to their ideal customers. Conducting an audit of the business and marketing objectives, understanding the competitive attributes and strengths. Reviewing all current plans, marketing activities and research into the landscape and competitors in order to provide a clear situation analysis.

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    Brand Strategy, identity positioning and exploration stage. We conduct a competitor brand audit, immerse ourselves into the business’s culture, customer behaviour and map out what the brand currently stands for, its core values and tone of voice.

    To craft the Brand’s positioning and the business’s“why” it delivers value, outlining brand architecture, tone of voice and creative territory for the brand.

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    State of Play, through traditional analytic and digital research, assessment and workshops, we are able to get to the core of how and when customers are being engaged, from awareness to search, nurture, transaction and beyond.

    We are able to then provide the Ideal customer Journey map, creating personas, outlining internal process and aligning departments to provide a “how to” best serve and engage with customers.

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    “How do we get there” ! The development of a strategic game plan which outlines all marketing online and offline opportunities and how to communicate the unique attributes of the client’s brand, product or service. Combining the output from the previous phases this includes action, resource and 6 or 12-month communications plan, complete with details specific tools and platforms that can increase digital traffic, new channels and referrals, rewards loyalty, decreases attrition and increases sales.

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    This is where we come into a league of our own, developing the right assets using the perfect medium underpinned by the power of creative and delivered through; digital communications, social media, campaign creation, graphic design. We use the customer insights from the customer journey strategy to create user experiences in the development of a website or digital platforms. We love to tell a brand story through all communications on and off line supported by photography, videography, events, podcasts and video.

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    To get the best digital impact and results, we become an extension to a client’s business by providing high-end, long-term marketing support. Our team are responsible for managing, planning, activating, engaging and executing all briefs through the 12-month promotional plan. This includes liaising with media, creative, digital, designers, key stakeholders and third parties to deliver on creative outputs. Progress is everything, so we will conduct weekly meetings and collaborate with sales and internal teams, as well as arranging quarterly reviews to ensure the plan is on track and achieving a suitable return on investment. We will drive the agreed activities whilst developing appropriate digital elements to align with the business objectives. This involves monitoring and providing all-digital reporting, EDM’s and the set up of SEM, SEO and social media profiles and campaigns.

“We assist to transform business objectives into strategic plans. Our core strength is in managing all digital marketing and communications to grow brands, businesses and sales.”

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“Strong creative ideas are guided by well thought out strategy to deliver targeted messages with impact.”

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