Place Agency Website

Place Agency Custom Web Application and Website

The site features a variety of functions designed to address backend process for Place Agency administration with a fun and engaging user experience aimed to speak primarily to the student and community, using the latest digital tools and techniques available.
Digital White Space (DWS) streamlined the process of collecting enquiries from the community for placemaking studios and supported the daily management of setting up the sandbox studios for each university. The process in which the site collects data including the way in which it sets up studios allows for multi sites, administrators and academics to easily manage the studios.
The online studios enables researchers to create strategies to evaluate each studio
The site seamlessly Integrates with social media, enabling both posting out to social media and social media to stream to the site. The platforms supports students to be profiled along with the ability to showcase their work and be acknowledged for their participation. Digital White Space supports Place Agency monthly management and optimisation from SEO to drive further traffic and community engagement with the site

OPPORTUNITYWebsite development
INDUSTRYEducation, Community