Miravor Property Group

Miravor Property Group

The Business

The Miravor company is a Family business, the founders and managers are invested both professionally and personally in the projects they develop and run. The company is named after a farm property at which the director raised his family. There they had strong ties with their neighbours/a sense of community and worked to reduce their impact on the environment; it was a space they felt deeply attached to. They hoped to create the same feeling for their customers. The Miravor group had completed a number or property projects in the past and at the time of this marketing activity, they were developing 3 projects across Victoria;

    • Robinsons  Rise residential estate in West Melbourne (Cobblebank)
    • Freight Drive commercial office/warehouse development Somerton
    • An environmentally friendly SIPs homes in Dinner Plain

Digital White Space first began collaborating with Miravor Property Group in December 2016.

CLIENTMiravor Property Group
FOCUSStrategy for retail & e-commerce

The Brief

The Miravor group were looking for a complete marketing and Go-to market plan and approach, they were also keen to to re-position their brand and refresh all of their current communications.

Digital White Space was engaged to provide a range of services including; Marketing strategy, Brand strategy, positioning, Website development, Content and Communications planning, Architectural Photography, Advertising and suite of Digital Marketing services including Social Media.

The Challenges

  • No digital footprint
  • No focus on Marketing to date
  • External perception limited
  • Established Property Developer but very limited market awareness

Objectives and Goals

  1. Build a brand with strong unique value propositions and a clearly communicated customer-centric approach
  2. Provide relevant and insightful content and data that assists clients and prospects with their property search and assessment
  3. Provide an online platform (website) for prospects and clients that is intuitive and easy to navigate for an optimised user experience

The aim was to devise a strategy focused on attaining measurable goals:

  • Reposition and Launch Miravor brand
  • Create a distinct Brand that has relevance to all past and future projects- commercial and residential
  • Develop a brand positioning to support business offering
  • Provide marketing strategy develop digital communication plan
  • Create new purpose built website to support the profile of the developer behind commercial and residential developments
  • Manage all communications Website, signage, Emails, Social Media etc.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy
  • Create all communication materials
  • Drive targeted traffic to a B2B and B2C focused website
  • Educate current B2B and past customers on the direction of the business


The Digital White Space applied their framework “The Measure”.
Kicking off with discovery; The team started with Business Audit “how and Why” the development will make a difference to the market place and to the ideal customer both potential JV’s, Architects, Land owners, prospective customers- residential and commercial. Understanding the competitive attributes and strengths the family business offers. Reviewed all current plans, marketing activities and research into the landscape and competitors in order to provide a clear situation analysis.
Brand Strategy, Conduct a competitor brand audit, immerse into the market place the Digital White Space team devised a brand proposition reflecting the core values and tone of voice of the business.
Customer Journey Mapping, applying traditional research, digital assessment and workshop with the Miravor team, the Digital White Space team crafts the ideal State of Play for how and when ideal customers could be engaged. Beginning from awareness to search, nurture and transaction.
Strategic plan, This was all pulled together in the development of a strategic “how to” outlined all marketing online and offline opportunities and how to communicate the unique attributes of the brand and offering. Using all the insights gathered and applied to craft the strategy, comms and website. Complete with a 12-month communications plan.
Creative and digital execution, The Digital White Space team developed all of the assets across website, digital platforms, communication strategy, social media, campaign creation, graphic design and portrait photography.

Key opportunities

  • Deliver meaningful clear messages about what’s on offer
  • Outline the strength of the team behind each development
  • Uncover the true green elements of medium density on offer
  • Highlight a unique selling point strong enough to carry across all projects
  • Need to secure builders
  • Many larger businesses operating in market
  • Backbone of sustainable practices


Marketing Strategy included highlighting the skills the team have of facilitating the project management and development of residential projects and commercial projects across Melbourne. Working with Investors, key Architects, Builders, Landowners, Council Planners and Local Government. Showcasing how the Miravor team can assist and support the sales and marketing teams of projects through working with Real Estate agents.
All with the aim to develop the right type of project, property and development that will deliver a solid ROI for investors and key stakeholder involved in the projects.

Digital Marketing

Brand Positioning:

At Miravor, we take responsibility for our surroundings and environment by truly understanding the impact of our developments and how future communities will live and work. By balancing energy efficient design with functional economical design on appropriately sized areas of land, we are shaping a new generation of sustainable developments for now and the future.

Creative direction

Creative and Graphic Design

The creative team at Digital White Space brought the brand to life with a variety of architectural photoshoot and Graphic design. The creative assets highlighted the past projects and how they were constructed plus how they complimented all surrounding amenities and utilised the best in development and building practices.All marketing materials are managed, created and designed by the Digital White Space team including master plans, illustrations, EDM’s, marketing automation, brochure design, billboard design, promotional flyers, social media posts and more.
Website development – Inclusive of all content, imagery and blog articles.


This was a very important part to help tell the brand story and bring to life the vision for potential buyers and investors of any commercial and residential development. The team conducted several shoots at the locations of past projects Highlighting;
– Key Architectural features
– Lifestyle and amenities
– Current business leasing and or ownership

Photography – Previous and current projects

  • Sandridge Bay Towers, in Port Melbourne
  • Commercial project Storage King, Briar Hill
  • Residential project; Ascot Gardens, Ascot Vale
    • https://miravor.com.au/ascot-gardens/
  • Residential project; McKean Street, Fitzroy
    • https://miravor.com.au/lynnley-terrace/
  • Swinburne Gardens, Hawthorn East
    • https://miravor.com.au/swinburne-gardens/
  • Commercial Project; Current Freight Drive (all lifestyle images, drone footage)
    • https://freightdrivebusinesspark.com.au/
  • Residential Project; Current Robinsons Rise (lifestyle images, drone footage and all video content)
    • https://robinsonsrise.com.au/

Digital Marketing


Using all the customer insights from the customer journey strategy to create user experiences in the development of a website and all digital platforms. A WordPress website site built with best practice SEO principles, the site boasts an integrated blog, marketing automation triggers and easy to use interface for internal team to upload project updates, new blogs from the backend.

Social Media Management & Optimisation

  • Social media accounts – Setup accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram where none existed before
  • Digital Marketing -Ongoing
  • SEO – Ongoing