Robinsons Rise

Robinsons Rise – The 20 Minute Neighbourhood

Robinsons Rise, Cobblebank is a new property development project in Melbourne West growth corridor 38 Kilometers from Melbourne CBD and five train stops from Southern Cross station. The team at Miravor Property group engaged Digital White Space to support the marketing of the new project which is due for completion 2023.

Robinsons Rise sits in the heart of Victoria’s growth corridor and offers outstanding opportunities for investors and homeowners. The development is located in the City of Melton, which has experienced rapid expansion and growth over the last decade and is ranked the third fastest among Local Government Area’s (LGAs) in Victoria in 2010.

OPPORTUNITYRe-brand Project
INDUSTRYReal Estate & Property Development
CLIENTMiravor Property Group
FOCUSDevelop a place brand, all marketing, and communications to support Residential Real estate agents and Builders

The Brief

This new development in a new suburb was completely unheard of, Cobblebank was a new suburb of previous Melton South. Miravor Property group had entered into a Joint Venture with the landowner and was aiming to create a new development with over 300 lots, community spaces and within walking distance of all amenities. The team needed a full Marketing Strategy for the development starting from a Name/Brand name through to developing all creative, sales materials, EMD’s, website and digital assets, plus the ongoing support to sales agents. Furthermore they had no display suite and needed to sell via agents off the plan.


  • Objectives & Goals
  • Create new Brand that has relevance to the area (a place brand)
  • Develop a brand positioning to support the sustainability and medium density offering
  • Develop Marketing strategy and digital communication plan
  • Focus marketing activities to drive sales for 300+ lots of land
  • Create new purpose built website to support sales of the development
  • Manage all communications including, outdoor signage, Emails, Social Media etc.

Key Challenges

  • New to market
  • Farmland re-zoned
  • Awaiting Local government suburb names
  • Medium density housing
  • Competing with bigger players in the same neighbourhood
  • Failed past development in area with another property developer


The Digital White Space team applied their robust framework “The Measure”.
Discovery; through the discovery phase the team started with the business’s, “how and Why” the development will make a difference to the market place and to the ideal customer. The team conducted an audit of the development and marketing objectives, understanding the competitive attributes and strengths. Reviewing all current plans, marketing activities and research into the landscape and competitors in order to provide a clear situation analysis.
Brand Strategy, conducting a competitor brand audit, Digital White Space immersed themselves into the business’s culture, customer behaviour and mapped out what the brand could stand for, its core values and tone of voice.
Customer Journey Mapping, Beginning with outlining the current situation and mapped out the ideal State of Play, for how and when customers could be engaged. Through analytic and digital research, assessment and workshops, Digital White Space was able to use these insights when crafting the strategy, comms and website.
Strategic plan, the Digital White Space team then developed a strategic “how to” outlined all marketing online and offline opportunities and how to communicate the unique attributes of the brand and offering. Complete with a 12-month communications plan.
Creative and digital execution, The team then developed all of the assets and rolled them out across website, digital platforms, communication strategy, social media, campaign creation, graphic design, drone and lifestyle photography, video, drone video, animation and videography.
Management and optimisation, The Digital White Space continue to manage all aspects of the marketing and digital presence of the development. With weekly updates, monthly creative, social media management, SEO optimisation and ongoing drone shoot providing video updates for buyers and investor alike.


Creative direction

The creative team at Digital White Space brought the brand to life with a photoshoot of the typical multicultural landscape in Melbourne of Younger Families, Professional Couples and Retirees. Utilising animations, illustrations and drone shoots to highlight the position of Cobblebank’s, Robinsons Rise from Melbourne CBD and all surrounding amenities. The focus again was to highlight the 20 minute benefits the development offers.


This was a very important part to help tell the brand story and bring to life the vision for potential buyers. The team conducted several shoots from neighbouring reserves, shopping areas, through to drone photography and lifestyle shots.

Social Media

Ongoing creation of content relevant to the area, the team at Digital White Space develop a monthly strategy with the Miravor team, keeping buyers and investors engaged with the project updates supported by lifestyle and property trend information relevant to the development. This engagement sees a positive opportunity to keep the growing community active and excited about the development.


A variety of shoots and shots were used complimented by illustrations, voiceover and animations to bring the brand story to life. This was used as a key selling tool for the development.


Using all the customer insights from the customer journey strategy the Digital White Space Team created the ideal user experiences in the development of a website and all digital platforms. The WordPress website site was built with best practice SEO principles, in addition to and integrated blog, marketing automation triggers and easy to use interface for internal team to upload project updates, new blogs from the backend.

Creative and Graphic Design

All marketing materials are managed, created and designed by the Digital White Space team including master plans, illustrations, EDM’s, marketing automation, brochure design, billboard design, promotional flyers, social media posts and more.


Due to the marketing and sales efforts, STAGES 1-4 were sold out pre-release. Videos supported the launch including animated video that was used as a key selling tool, was really well received by customers which has been used to highlight to potential new residents and JV partner the opportunities of the new neighbourhood. Month on mont there is continued growth and sales as each new stage is released, yet there is still more exciting news to come … 

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