The McGinn Partnership

The McGinn Partnership

ABOUT THE McGinn Partnership

The McGinn Partnership leads companies via a strategic Framework to develop a Performance Protocol, and Cadence for business Development. The McGinn Partnership is focused at the C level, to develop leaders in sales and business development. Priding themselves on business transformation with over three decades of experience in building global business. While the market is cluttered with “Sales Trainers” who are generally engaged by Sales Management, The McGinn partnership is focused on the CEO’s ambition for the business and the right people goal alignments from that premise. “We are like doctors here to reduce pain” we diagnose like doctors, as we transform goals into ambition”. The mandatory ‘reinforcement’ follow through of The McGinn Partnership is what makes the difference as it means we are in the customer’s business and monitoring transformation for 12 months and we are supporting the development or replacement of the sales/BD people. The customer either has pain or not. If they have it, they need to want to have it fixed or not. It takes investment, focus and commitment to fix it, we only want customers prepared to commit to the journey.

OPPORTUNITYBrand Launch Project
INDUSTRYLeadership Consultancy
CLIENTVictorian Cancer Biobank
FOCUSCreate a new engaging website that is easy to use, fit for purpose, responsive and featuring a contemporary layout using new visual content

The Brief

A start up seeking to launch into a completely new market, the founder had previously carved out one of the most successful careers in media across the world with MCM entertainment. After years of seeing poor performing sales teams within companies, spending thousands upon thousands with sales training Tony McGinn OAM formulated the best way to develop a sales culture and approach within organisations. Tony was also appointed the Chair for The Executive Connection (TEC) and was busy coaching CEO’s. Tony came to Digital White Space to seek their services in helping him bring to life his new business and vision for his brand.

Key Challenges

  • Limited time
  • Limited resources
  • Leveraging experience and but not a media company (where Tony was best known)


  • Carve out a unique and specific brand proposition to support the future vision of the business
  • Develop 
  • Launch brand and website- Fresh and inviting, cut through with contemporary design
  • Develop all brand communications
  • Test and Identify target market
  • Refine messaging and support marketing automation
  • Development of tools to help provide a solid lead pipeline
  • Support social media strategy and create events 


Digital White Space took a customer-centric approach and applied their robust framework “The Measure”.


    • Beginning with a business audit, “how and Why” the development will make a difference to the market place and to the ideal customer. Reviewing all current plans, research into the landscape and competitors in order to provide a clear situation analysis.

Brand Strategy,

    • After a deep dive of a competitor brand audit, the Digital White Space creative team immerse themselves into the business’s culture, customer behaviour. These insights and research were then translated into crafting a distinct proposition for what the brand could stand for, its core values and tone of voice.

Customer Journey Mapping,

    • was applied to deliver both the website and content strategy. All of this was combined into a Strategic Marketing plan, the “how to” which outlined all marketing online and offline opportunities and how to communicate the unique attributes of the brand and offering. Complete with a 12-month communications plan.

Creative and digital execution,

    • The above mentioned phases supported the development of the website and all digital marketing assets and platforms including social media platforms, blogs, campaigns, event campaigns, and managed all roll out and optimisation.


“Digital White Space put together a marketing and digital strategy which was applied with multi-channel support, in alignment with insights from research, the approach included social listening and effective monitoring of consumer behaviour in order to be highly responsive on all platforms. The team crafted multiple campaign messages, and creatives in order encourage and drive traffic. “


Once the team at Digital White Space understood the business objectives, reviewing the business plan, then test and research into the marketplace and its competitors. The team conducted a business and landscape audit mapped out the customer journey and the desired future experience for the target market. The research was based on current clients and lost opportunities with internal operations and processes.

Based on insights Digital White Space developed the Brand identity, brand positioning and brand strategy, provided the tone of voice and creative territory for the brand and narrative.

Execution phase
Digital White Space created a Strategic Marketing plan and go to market launch approach to support all sales and marketing activities, including all materials and event support. The Digital White Space team managed the creation and rollout of all brand materials including stationery, presentation templates, website design. Creating a purpose built website that showcases service offering, news and blog articles, events and connects to social media
Campaign Creative

Management and optimisation

Digital White Space then managed and supported the founder with outbound online marketing initiatives, events and development of all blogs, materials and optimised the flow on the website. Creating an easy to navigate and easy to manage website that provided a clear OVP (Online Value Proposition). Currently the McGinn Partnership incorporates a promotional page “health Check” designed like a landing page to provide users with an engaging sales audit. The website also seamlessly connects with eventbrite, social media to promote all blogs, events and sell tickets. 

    • Website maintenance and report on website statistic every month
    • Website updates based on request.


  • Crafted a fit for purpose and SEO friendly WordPress Website complete with News blog (re-purposed articles into blog content)
  • User tested new content structure and researched key content areas
  • Content Marketing applied, arranged content inline with users requirements, easily directing researchers within only two clicks to tissue sample research database
  • Incorporated social media and contact areas easy to navigate
  • Developed a user-friendly and intuitive for ongoing management
  • Implemented Google Analytics and heat mapping tools to observe user behaviour and top performing pages
  • From a brand perspective, Digital White Space utalised strong imagery, graphics and colours to enhance the appearance
  • Developed key messaging for better user engagement
  • Ability to easily update blog content and connect to Social Media (Linkedin)
  • Use of smart image grids throughout the website to maintain a visual look and feel
  • The website was designed to be responsive on all devices, especially mobile.
  • The website was a tool to provide potential clients with information about the services on offer
  • The website is integrated with both social media and booking tools for events and public workshops

Brand Strategy 


Through delivering a proven programme specific to the company in nature and transformative in function.


Brand Values

  • Leadership. Re-imagined, – STRATEGIC THINKING
  • Born to Transform. – PREPARATION
  • Performance. Re-designed. – TRANSFORMATION

Tagline- Be The Change

The Brand Story

The McGinn Partnership brand mission is to transform performance and align executives to their CEO’s ambition whilst empowering salespeople with the expertise and protocol for success. For over 33 years, founder Tony McGinn has taken the world of media sales head on. His relentless attitude to commercial success has established an award winning reputation as one of Australia’s most influential and progressive media sales professionals. From TV and radio to digital, his perchance to observe, transform and empower enduring legacies is only matched by his passion to elevate others to higher grounds.

A true understanding of success is born from a pure understanding of performance. Realising this vision is all about being inspired by a visionary. Tony McGinn has broken the cookie cutter to inspire, influence and transform businesses in Australia and around the world. Leading from the front and making the biggest impact is where it all starts.  At the McGinn Partnership, we listen hard to realise and align CEO goals to company success and growth. Change isn’t just a challenge of business, it’s the backbone of life, and in the right hands, with the right vision, support and guidance, everyone advances. We know what it takes to inspire a collective mindset and instil a new culture of excellence and ambition, starting from the top. This is where we come into a league of our own. Because when we bring everything together, everything is possible.

Client Feedback

  • Thrilled with all brand strategy, creative and positioning work,
  • Find the website easy to navigate and works with progression of business trajectory
  • Increased connections on linkedin with new narrative
  • Filled first event to capacity

Social media profiles were created across; Twitter, and Linkedin which were also integrated with the website and managed.
All creative and advertising assets were managed across all social media profiles
The site was SEO optimised and monitored monthly
Digital Platform for sales leads
The website also features a business Health Check for CEOs. This was a custom web application that the team at Digital White Space created.


Website overall traffic

The website attracts 20x time visitors compared to competitor sites, due to budget constraints, the focus was to grow traffic and campaign organically ( outreach, ema

The McGinn Partnership results

il marketing, social networks mainly LinkedIn) . We acquire a good conversion rate for our survey tools which are the main vehicle to capture new leads. 7.34% conversion rate for direct traffic.