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Illuminated Story

Bringing together over 25 years’ of experience in business working with some of the world’s biggest brands, across marketing, training and sales, the team at Illuminated Story support leaders and reputable industry figures to deliver their business narrative with pride, passion and complete conviction. Providing training, professional speaking, coaching – supporting the communication styles and development of leaders.

OPPORTUNITYBrand Launch Project
INDUSTRYTraining and Personal Development
CLIENTIlluminated Story
DATE2018 - Current
FOCUSDeveloping the Marketing Strategy to support future business growth, developing a new brand, developing all new brand assets, campaign, creating a new engaging website that is easy to use, fit for purpose, responsive and features a contemporary layout.

The Brief

The founder of Illuminated Story was setting up her business and needed strategic brand and digital marketing support to craft a unique brand positioning and marketing strategy and support the development services, including a new website.


Develop marketing strategy to support growth of business
Create a brand and positioning to support the growth objectives of the business
Develop website and support all communications

Key Challenges

  • Limited time
  • Incorporate the brand essence
  • User friendly yet unique interface
  • Choosing brand language which was original and authentic


Digital White Space took a customer-centric approach and applied their robust framework “The Measure”.
Beginning with a business audit, “how and Why” the development will make a difference to the market place and to the ideal customer. Reviewing all current plans, research into the landscape and competitors in order to provide a clear situation analysis.
Brand Strategy,
After a deep dive of a competitor brand audit, the Digital White Space creative team immerse themselves into the business’s culture, customer behaviour. These insights and research were then translated into crafting a distinct proposition for what the brand could stand for, its core values and tone of voice.
Customer Journey Mapping,
was applied to deliver both the website and content strategy. All of this was combined into a Strategic Marketing plan, the “how to” which outlined all marketing online and offline opportunities and how to communicate the unique attributes of the brand and offering. Complete with a 12-month communications plan.
Creative and digital execution,
The above mentioned phases supported the development of the website and all digital marketing assets and platforms including social media platforms, blogs, campaigns, event campaigns, and managed all roll out and optimisation.


Digital White Space put together a marketing, brand and digital strategy which was applied with a insights from research and across the marketplace. The team crafted a distinct brand positioning, logo and brand design, website, launch and ongoing campaign support, and all graphic design and creative elements including stationary and presentation design.


Brand Proposition

The Team at Illuminated story helps you nurture your performance, presence and perception, we help you unlock the performer in you, enabling you to connect with your audience and take ownership of your story, presentation and delivery, with pride, confidence and conviction
At Illuminated Story, they turn daunting into an opportunity to engage and audience and delight.


Brand Identity

The Icon was created to represent the internal workings of a light bulb- Illumination. Using soft pink, rose gold, white and black colors to enhance the brand ideology and positioning. From a brand perspective, we utilised vibrant graphical images, colours to enhance the appearance with creative backgrounds and relevant images on the hero slider

Social Media

Social media profiles were created across; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram were also integrated with the website and managed.
All creative and advertising assets were managed across all social media profiles


  • Crafted a fit for purpose and SEO friendly WordPress Website complete with News blog – Coined thought pieces
  • Responsive- the site is designed to be responsive on all devices, especially mobile.
  • Brand communication- the site was a crafted as a tool to provide potential clients with information about the services on offer at Illuminated Story,
  • Social media integration- with both the ability to publish to social media and pull from social
  • Booking Integration- the site was created to enable seamless bookings for events and public workshops with a payment platform
  • Re-arranged content inline with users requirements, easily directing users to view services on offer
  • Incorporated social media and contact areas easy to navigate
  • Developed a user-friendly and intuitive webpage for ongoing management
  • Implemented Google Analytics tools to observe user behaviour and top performing pages
  • Ability to easily update blog content and connect to Social Media (LinkedIn)
  • Use of smart image grids throughout the website to maintain a visual look and feel
  • User tested new content structure and optimized key content areas.

SEO & Optimisation

The site was SEO optimised
Analytics monitored monthly