We have extensive experience working with community organisations, universities and charities from board level through to customers.

Why- we are driven by the values of giving back and leaving the world a better place than before. In this light we work with organisations who are seeking to better society, the planet and we help empower people to have their voices heard.

We have had the pleasure to Strategically support organisations with brand development and strategy through to developing new digital platforms for community organisations such as ECMS (Early Childhood Management Services) to major Universities across Australia.


Who doesn’t like a delicious meal prepared with love and passion? Food brings people together from all walks of life and when done right can carve out memories to last a lifetime. We marvel at the talents within the kitchens and the Digital White Space team have been honoured to work with well known celebrity chefs from Heston Blumenthal to Guy Grossi as well as FMCG brands. We’ve helped to shape the brands celebrity chefs are ambassadors for, through to supporting them to convey their own unique offerings with distinction. Digital White Space have supported culinary geniuses and FMCG companies with digital marketing strategy, product launches, and marketing execution for over two decades.


The Digital White Space team have all enjoyed a long history and relationships within the Real Estate and Property industry, having worked within national publications and platforms within Fairfax and REA Group across print, digital media and platforms. As well as managing media sponsorship with MBAV (Master Builders Association of Victoria) & HIA (Housing Industry Association) and their members. Launching Domain Home Magazine and working to build the platform.

We have also worked with Property Development Businesses and Real Estate Agencies throughout Australian and in the UK, across residential, commercial property and project marketing. Throughout this time we have integrated marketing strategies to launched property projects from London, Manchester, Melbourne to Queensland. Re-positioned real estate brands and supported the growth of builders and developers alike.

Some of the clients we have had the pleasure to launch projects such as Kirkstall Forge – Leeds UK through to property projects in Australia such as Robinsons Rise- Cobblebank, The Marc St Kilda, Barkley Apartments- Fitzroy, Capitol Grand -South Yarra.


We believe the best foundations to truly understanding exceptional customer service within marketing really stems from a Retail experience. Having worked in retail business as younger people gave us a great insight into the power of marketing, you can tell when staff love their products and services and how their engagement will make the difference between buying and or walking away. We really feel that if you haven’t worked in retail you can’t understand the customer journey and impact of communications and marketing from the bottom up or outside in.

Retail enables you to think and operate from the perspective of what are the customers needs, helping you to create solutions tailored to their needs. As consumers we all know a great retail experience will keep you coming back and engaged with the brand.

We help our clients to see the world through the eyes of their customers, staff and support this through their brand and digital marketing. We have worked with brands across the globe from Fashion, to footwear, health, cosmetics and Beauty through to household appliances, Alternative Medicines and Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Alcohol, Finance, FMCG and Food so there isn’t much in Retail we don’t know about or haven’t worked on.


We have been responsible for developing marketing strategies, brand strategy, creating new brands, repositioning brands, launching brands and businesses such as Performance Medicine, Hendrx Hair co, Mira Hair. With a background as a Yoga teacher, our founder Angela Mellak is very passionate about wellbeing and supporting brands in carving out their distinct message within the marketplace.


When we refer to Information Technology we see it as the simulation of higher-order thinking through computer programs. The rapid pace and progression of technology sees us now feature new tools across web applications, native IOS or Android mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) applications, Robotic applications, algorithms, mobile applications and social media platforms.

Armed with global experience in supporting business with marketing services really separates us from our competitors, we continue to invest in understanding the latest technologies and trends across IT. We have been responsible for supporting the agile design of mobile applications, VR apps, AI platforms and successfully launched new platforms and applications for a wide variety of organisations including; property development, retail, financial services, construction trades and sports sectors.

Our strength lies in understanding the business ambitions and goals, then developing a marketing strategy to support the business goals and then working with Mobile App developers and team’s who code either web applications, native IOS or Android mobile applications and or a combination of all three.

For example, we created an online platform to manage the whole application process for Place Agency through developing a website application designed specifically to support a very small administration team. This platform has been used nationally across 6 universities and 16 practitioners, 26 xxx and has impacted thousands of students across Australia and enabled a very small team to manage a huge workload. As well as for consulting firm The McGinn Partnership we have created web applications that empower their team to manage new business opportunities and assess the health of potential clients businesses.

Our approach brings together the work of experts in their field and support clients through the agile design process creating applications (from the marketing view point) in order to enhance brand value and or the products and services on offer. We also help to enhance the user experience beyond the launch by developing a strategic communications plan to increase downloads of apps, and develop user guides and videos.

An example of this is how we worked with experts in AR to create the Multitap mobile app, we launched this on the same night as the event and integrated its us at the event, enabling customer to walk around the event and use the mobile app to experience content and message the brand wants to convey. Create an immersive and truly experiential events. These strategies has seen growth across sectors and have been game changing for brands in their industries.


At Digital White Space we believe it is important to innovate. To introduce new technology and new tools to keep things interesting and user engagement high. Mobile Apps are all the rage now, and we have worked with the best in the industry to deliver apps which are engaging and interactive.

The most recent example was an Augmented Reality mobile application that we created for the Multi tap kitchen mixer tap appliance. Augmented Reality is technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. Examples of augmented reality experiences with notoriety include Snapchat lenses and the game Pokemon Go.

We set out to empower customers to experience ‘real scale’ version of Multitap™ 3N1 Kitchen mixer tap products in their own home environment. We partnered with Plattar to create and launch the Multitap branded AR apps.

The interactive mobile app allows consumers to visualize the new tap in their own kitchen using augmented reality.

Multitap 3N1 dispenses cool water, hot water as well as steaming hot water from the single kitchen mixer tap, This new tab brings contemporary style to new and existing kitchens.It was an industry first and was really well received by the retailers and customers alike.

How to use

How to see the Multitap 3N1 mobile app in your home today.
Step 1 – Go to the iTunes or Google Play stores and download the MultiTap app.
Step 2 – Open it up and find the surface you want to place the MultiTap or near. Such as your existing kitchen bench.
Step 3 – Click on markerless and select your tap. You can switch between different styles and different finishes to see what looks best in your home.

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