Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

A very important step in Digital White Spaces Measure Process, supports providing the and business brand insights and talks directly to the business objectives, marketing objectives and most importantly the engagement with customers- is the Customer Journey. Digital White Space utilises the customer journey mapping framework to create a view of how a brand engages with potential customers, prospects and current customers

The purpose of customer journey mapping is a strategic one, to understand what customers go through before and when engaging with a brand online and can be applied off line. It looks at all the online touch points and maps out the impact on the various different departments within a business, formulating a view (Map) of how a business engages operationally with a customer and how the brand and business engages with a prospect and customer.

A Customer Journey Map can both map out the ideal journey as well as point out the key areas of improvement required for the business. It is also ideal in providing the insight to attrition and loyalty, it also forms the backbone to content marketing and marketing automation tools.

The aim of the Customer Journey Mapping process is to provide key information for a business on the market opportunities and how they are being experienced by their potential customers and customers.

How do we create a Customer Journey Map?

The Customer Journey map process provides Digital White Space team with a deep understanding of how our clients customers currently and potentially experience the brand and business. This knowledge empowers the team to be able to create specific content to better engage consumers through their digital journey into the sales funnel.

Over the past decade we have refined the process the key steps include;

  • Customer digital analytic and research
  • Competitor research and market place review
  • Workshop Mapping with various departments
  • Map of the current state of play
  • Deeper assessment and map of the ideal customer journey and experience,
Analytics & Research
Competitor & marketplace review
Mapping Workshop & Review
Current State of Play
Ideal Customer Journey
customer journey mapping

Methods and tools used for the Customer Journey Map

Various tools and methods are applied through the Digital White Space framework, including;

Analytics and Research, at Digital White Space we utilise both qualitative, quantitative data and analytics, sales data, online behaviour, social listening, and where possible client or prospect interviews and or focus groups.

Competitor reviews, digital experiences and where possible mystery shopping is also undertaken, all of these insights are presented in at the time of the Internal workshop.

Internal workshops are key to bringing the business together, sharing the insights and reviewing and deeper understanding of how and when customers are being engaged. Here Digital White Space maps out the steps in the journey of pre-awareness to transaction and fulfilment then the how and where customers share their experiences.

Through the workshop potential drop off’s or missed opportunities are soon realised. Digital White Space is then able to then provide the Ideal customer Journey map, outlining internal process and aligning departments to provide a “how to” best serve and engage with customers. Picking up opportunities, insights and putting the customer at the top of the agenda. These insights help change the way our clients thing of their customers, this ensures that they are more customer centric and it is backed up in strategic digital marketing approach.

The ideal customer journey map will greatly influence the decision making of the business and provide content marketing strategy, and tools such as marketing automation and campaign opportunities. These help to nurture prospects and create conversions through carefully designed sales funnels.

Contact us to see how we can help you create an appropriate customer journey that will ensure your business is more customer centric, you will uncover missed opportunities and map out the ideal possible engagement experience for your prospects, customers or clients to support your business sales and marketing goals.