Website Design Process


Digital White Space is well-known for creating beautiful website designs that people love , we design websites and platforms that help people to fall in love with our clients brand and engage with their content. Our websites are curated with insights that focus on boosting not only the engagement but also the business growth and development. We craft bespoke mobile friendly and smartly designed websites in a variety of languages including WordPress . We build interactive websites with intuitive features that engage the visitors whilst conveying your brand’s “Why” and “how” – the goal is to satisfy the visitors and to engage them with the content. We ensure what ever the brief to develop be it a full website, microsite, landing pages or platforms or mobile apps and tools we first spend time understanding the business and customer.

Brand marketing specialists at heart we know that a brand is not just an Icon, colour or font it is so much more and brining it to life online through various platforms and tools is a very important process. Through our marketing lead approach to digital we utilise best practices including visual media to capture and celebrate your brand through stunning graphics, photography and visuals.  We all know you only have a few seconds to inspire confidence or you can lose opportunities when people land on your website.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you operate in, your website needs to increase brand value, bring valuable traffic and ultimately convince visitors to purchase your products or services.

Every project is unique however each website is crafted from the same fundamentals “always from the customer’s perspective”. Our subtle use of animation, theatrics and transition effects gives life to your site, and makes it more engaging for your visitors without overwhelming them. Our coders and designers are not bound by a single tool, but depending on the task and requirements of the brief, they choose from a big palette of graphics design tools plugins and platforms. We have the ability to build on any platform and willingness to adapt to the needs of our clients; we craft responsive websites that are mobile friendly with superb performance that also delivers great usability.

Following best practices focusing on Design, Function and Content Management we craft a website that elevates your brand, engages customers and produces leads and opportunities whilst driving conversions.


Strategic approach-

At Digital White Space, we keep data and analytics at the heart of our web design strategy and pre-strategy brainstorming. Digital White Space develops innovative, highly functional and robust websites and web-based applications. Whatever your business model, product or project, we’ll build you software to match your needs using tried and tested technologies and methodologies. Whether it’s implementing online bookings, setting up eCommerce and wholesale portals or streamlining your internal processes, let Digital White Space help you transform the way you conduct your business.

As an insights and data-driven digital agency and we use the latest digital analytics and website performance tools to see how your website performs against your competitors’ websites. We understand that if you can retain your visitors for more than 30 seconds, chances are they will browse much longer. It’s all about winning their attention and then keeping them engaged. If it’s not clean, easy on the eye and friendly to navigate, it’s not going to keep people engaged.

When it comes to web design, we’re firm believers in the creative should lead the design backed by function.

Bounce rate is critical, we always monitor and with the help of great UI and engaging content we work to ensure engagement is maximised and bound rate is reduced.

At Digital White Space we are always testing and trialing new and chic website design trends used for personal branding – we mapping out insights from user behaviour and design websites accordingly specifically; consulting business websites and womenpreneur websites.

Branding is not just about being seen as better than the competition. It's about being seen as the only solution to your audience's needs.


Only after detailed meetings with our clients and extensive audit and workshop sessions that help us find out their brand’s voice, we figure out the answers to the most important questions that dictate the design and development process. How our clients want to reach out to  the target audience? Why existing web design failed to deliver and how competitors are doing well? What the company does well? How the company achieved its competitive edges and how it is better than others? What are their Credentials and experiences. We design our clients websites based on the insights we have gained through the customer journey mapping phase.
We work hard to craft a supportive across all platforms to launch, grow and bring brands to life. We code inhouse and have both front end and back end experiences across many coding languages; all of our websites are coded and managed internally.

How we do it;
The next step is to create an intuitive and user-friendly visual interface. Designs are bespoke crafted around the brand style, look and feel or a theme our clients outlines their liking for, or in according to existing brand guidelines. The Digital White Space design team will come up with design concepts that will make a huge digital impact for your business, brand or campaign. Steeped in the knowledge of best practice,  extensive study of the websites and apps of competitors, all with a creative flair to push boundaries, Our design team always outdo themselves to design websites that are both: unique and in line with prevalent practices and styled to elevate your brand success..


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    Strategy & insights

    All of the websites we craft code and create are designed in house to follow the flow from the time a visitor visits the website to the time when their customer journey ends.
    The website journey at Digital White Space begins with a Digital analysis of your brand and alignment with your target market.
    Our experienced team of brand strategists, creatives and technologists work with clients to map out the customer experience and digital journey.
    Armed with insights the technologist and creatives then design the interface and functionality according to industry best practices.
    Developing well-planned structure for the website to be built around.

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    Design- All the websites we create own a distinct sense of design and beautiful brand aesthetics.

    We believe the first impressions and visuals are everything when it comes to web design. Each new website designed by Digital White Space is unique and fully customised, reflecting the brands individual personality and goals of the business it represents, the website will be crafted to flow to the needs of its customers and users. We all know A picture is worth a thousand words” – rather than just describing what you do, our web designers use visual content to elevate  your site to align with your business vision and for customers look like and feel like the professional digital business they expect. We work with you to create brand content in the form of photography, videos, illustrations and animations.

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    Function- Design and function work seamlessly together, providing the best user experience possible.

    Beneath the visual elements at the front end, each of our sites has a logical and well thought out internal configuration: ensuring they are user-friendly, robust and easy to maintain and manage. Our websites are intuitive, navigation-friendly and set up to give visitors an online experience of your brand and full control to navigate and interact easily with. It is of paramount importance that the experience and information be laid out in such a way that the user can scan and skim the content, and get a sense of what the business is all about. If the function is integrated with a design that is conversion-friendly, visitors will stay for longer and more likely to interact with the business.

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    Digital White Space excels in creating content which makes an impact and portrays the true soul of the brand. We create meaningful and effective website copy that engages your customers and drives  them to action. Our small in-house team of writers are experts at catching the exact voice of your brand and offering to provide you copy that naturally attracts the customer you are targeting.. We can also support you with ongoing content for blogs, newsletters and social media so that you stay relevant to your target audience.

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    Before all websites are pushed live, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with the website. We test all links, pages,  to ensure smooth go live state. We at Digital White Space pride ourselves on supporting our clients to ensure their new Digital face of their business is both functional and brilliant.


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