Support and management


The team  at Digital White Space belong to different skill-sets; we proudly call it a melting pot of different kinds of professional skills, expertise and knowledge. We not only provide web design and development services, but as a full service digital agency, we take care of a lot. If our clients aren’t aware of which type of hosting they need to support their platforms and websites on we  can support them by choosing the best managed server and also provide them technical assistance. We ensure slick and smooth performance of the website on the technical end, and we provide monthly performance reports as well. Analytical in our thinking we are well aware of website performance of our clients and use analytics tools from Google Analytics to social media listening and reporting tools.

Branding is not just about being seen as better than the competition. It's about being seen as the only solution to your audience's needs.

Hosting & Reports

 At Digital White Space we provide management and ongoing back up of the websites we craft, create and manage for our clients. With an  ongoing hosting and management we also provide monthly reports and round the clock support. The reports highlight the consumer insights and help us to keep a measurement in place for how we are tracking with SEO, blogs and social media engagement for our clients,  We offer ticketing as well as live chat, and adhere to very fast response times to ensure clients issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Hosting services and security

Website, Email and DNS Hosting

We provide 24/7 website hosting support for your website and emails. We backup the sites we manage manually weekly, and an automatic backup is performed daily. In addition to this we provide a detailed monthly Google Analytics report and social media activity report to help your team understand more about the website performance, SEO tracking, Social activity and traffic to page.

Hosting services and security:

  • Patches are automatically updated within 12 hours of when patches become available.
  • We comply and utilise all standard security protocols, and we use a WordPress plugin called ‘wordfence’  to prevent online attacks.  Also we constantly tighten up the security of WordPress sites owned by our clients when new tools become available.
  • We can also provide support to the team, where needed, with email accounts with your domain.

Data Backups and Security

The Internet is an unpredictable thing and as we all know, things can go wrong online from time to time. Preparation is key to avoiding the worst case scenario.

Our management plans include a regular data backup schedule across multiple locations, hardware and network redundancy to make sure we can keep you running, and a disaster recovery plan that has been rehearsed and can be put in place immediately when needed. Aware of the best industry practices for website security, hosting and scanning etc., our team members ensure the safety of your website. All websites designed at Digital White Space are not handed over to the clients until they are optimised for two-factor authentication, periodical backups and other security measures.

Web Application Security

Digital White Space places great importance on application security and consider potential security breaches in software design and implementation as a threat.  This includes common vulnerabilities such as remote code execution, SQL injection, format string vulnerabilities, cross site scripting (XSS) and username enumeration. We have a proper security plan to deal with all such challenges, and that spans from preparation to identification to containment and eradication. We have an amazing recover record when it comes to breached web applications.