Types of Websites

Types of Websites

Your business website design should be customer centric, tailored towards your ideal customers and designed to support the business processes. The aim of the content in the website it to impart credibility, showcasing your brand benefits, products and/or services. It should be clear, concise and must provide a clear solution to consumer’s problems.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you operate in, your website needs to increase brand value, bring valuable traffic and ultimately convince visitors to purchase your products or services.

Through our processes in understanding the business objectives, we bring forth result-driven digital solutions and deliver measurable outcomes that elevate your businesses. For our clients, we have designed and developed websites, and provided digital marketing for personal branding websites, retail sites, e-commerce business and consultancy websites and company websites.

Landing Pages

We create landing pages, that are bespoke and that enhance and highlight what your value proposition is, and that enable the clients  to interact and stay on the page. These landing pages are designed in collaboration with our copywriting experts to make sure that design easily navigates users to the messaging of our client’s brands. Our landing pages are designed with customer insights, customised according to the business needs, and helps convert visitors into leads. A landing page is different from other pages in many ways. It is armed with all the right tools and gimmicks that you need to squeeze information from your audience and turn it into clients.

At Digital White Space, we understand how important it is to market a brand correctly, to feature its key elements and bring out the character of the brand. We are experts at building promotional websites for a customer, that not only drive engagement but also increase brand loyalty and repeat interaction. 

A good promotional website needs to have to connect with the target audience, use SEO strategies to its benefit, be able to deliver measurable results, and lead to conversion goals. 

Website for Online Retailers- eCommerce / Shopping Carts

As a retailer in this digital era, it’s crucial for you to build an ecommerce site to maximise your business opportunities and provide digital brand exposure through creating websites that drive shopping and conversions. Furthermore to operate smoothly you need to have manageable inventory and intuitive easy to use site. We pride ourselves on creating a seamless extension to our clients retail businesses by creating considered eCommerce and shopping sites, in fact we see this as being one of our specialties. We provide the worlds best open source shopping cart software package and seamless connection to Merchant services, which is customised to suit each business. We also provide clients with a tested and proven easy-to-use tool for managing their online sales, inventory, invoices and shipping. Our team of programmers at Digital White Space, have hands-on experience with open-source ecommerce platforms like across WordPress and Magento, Shopify and Volusion etc. Rest assured that you will be armed with an ecommerce store to suit your business needs.

Custom Web Applications

Off-the-shelf websites packages don’t always do everything you need them to do. We thrive on a challenge and love it when a client asks us to create customised online platforms . The more complex, the better! Our code is clean, stable and reliable. Building digital platforms to support the customer experience  from the ground up is what Digital White Space does best. Our team uncover the challenges and provide digital solutions to their problems. We have built from scratch and handed over to our clients many tools, that have enabled them to expand their programs and operations with ease, enabled them to assess the fit for customers. Streamlining their operations and providing customer insights is where our custom applications come into a field of their own. We design specifically for the needs of our clients business to enable them to sell as a solution to their target audience..

Examples of our work;

  • The McGinn Partnership Health Check example
  • Place Agency National platform across 35 academics